Starting Over

Dollar Drama Club's only production of 2021 was titled Starting Over and consisted of two comedies, "A Light Lunch" and "Bride Before A Fall" and two short sketches from "Scotland The What". Performance dates were Friday 3rd December and Saturday 4th December 2021 in the Burnside Hall, East Burnside, Dollar.

Click here to see photos of the dress rehearsal.

A Light Lunch

Written by Bridget Derrett
Directed by Linda Rice

Laura and Richard Cartwright have lunch at their favourite restaurant, bringing back a host of memories for the couple.

Laura Cartwright - Catherine Gibson-Poole
Richard Cartwright - David Anderson
Henri (a waiter) - Stuart Salmon
Todd (Laura's boyfriend) - Damian Sherwood-Johnson

Bride Before A Fall

Written by Robert Scott
Directed by Sandra Ballantine

In this hilarious farce, lovers Victor and Madelyn make plans for the future together. But what should they do about Lottie, Victor's wife?

Madelyn - Sarah Giblin
Victor - Andrew Bawn
Lottie - Elaine Stark


Two short comedy sketches from "Scotland The What" - Morning Coffee and Dod 'N Bunty - were performed by Jane McGill and Stephen Lambert.

The production came after an enforced 22-month break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it was wonderful to be back performing in public again after such a long time.