Happy Ever After?

Dollar Drama Club's production in May 2019 was an evening of plays, poems and performance on the thorny theme of love and marriage, titled "Happy Ever After?"

It was performed on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th May in the Burnside Hall, Dollar.

Click here to see photographs of the dress rehearsal.

The evening included readings and two one-act plays:

The Bachelor's Soliloquy, by Anonymous, after William Shakespeare
Read by Matthew Pease

The Turn Of The Shrew, by William Shakespeare
Read by Jane McGill

The Twelve Pound Look, by J. M. Barrie
On the eve of his knighthood, Harry Sims is full of the great things he considers he has achieved. A typist has been hired to answer the messages of congratulation. She turns out to be his former wife, Kate, who was so oppressed by his hardness and petty mindedness that she secretly learned to type and left him as soon as she had earned 12 pounds, the price of a typewriter. She is quite contented with her lot, and her fearlessness and humour contrast strongly with the cowed and joyless expression of the second Lady Sims.

Directed by Linda Rice
Sir Harry Sims - Stephen Lambert
Lady Sims - Elaine Stark
Kate - Sandra Ballantine
Tombes, the Butler - Matthew Pease

The Ideal Husband, by Oscar Wilde
Read by Jane McGill

The Guid Wife's Prayer, by Anonymous, after Robert Burns
Read by Elaine Stark

Ten Milk Bottles, by Roger McGough
Read by Matthew Pease

The Bride To Be, by Peter Quilter
Angela is about to get married for the third time. Her brother Toby is on hand to escort her to the church when she gets a serious case of cold feet.

Directed by Elaine Payne
Angela - Catherine Gibson-Poole
Toby - Damian Sherwood-Johnson

And supporting everything was:
Sound - Andrew Bawn
Lighting - Neil Schofield
Set - John Humphrey
Wedding dress - Margaret Humphrey
Front of House - John and Margaret Humphrey, John Biggam, Eleanor Fenwick