Curtain Up On Murder

Curtain Up On Murder by Bettine Manktelow

Plot: An amateur theatre company are rehearsing a play in an end-of-pier theatre when inexplicably they are locked in, and one by one begin to die.

This was performed on the 19th, 20th and 21st October 2017 in Dollar Academy Studio Theatre, Dollar, Clackmannanshire.

To see the dress rehearsal photos click here.

Cast: (in order of appearance)
Linda, a friend of Alex - Rhona Robotham
Sandra, an actress - Catherine Gibson-Poole
Ginny, a young potential actress - Alison Fair
Harry, the caretaker - Andrew Bawn
Alex, the leading man - Matthew Pease
Sylvia, the leading lady - Sarah Giblin
Martin, the director - Stephen Lambert
Moppet, an actress - Elaine Payne

Director: Elaine Stark
Stage manager: Linda Rice
Stage crew: Tammy MacMillan
Prompt: Jane McGill
Lighting: Neil Schofield
Sound: Laura Schofield
Music: Andrew Bawn
Front of house: Sandra Ballantine, John Biggam, Gemma Dubajic, Fiona Grounds, Sandra Jones, Fran McNicoll, Damian Sherwood-Johnson