Club Members

The members of Dollar Drama Club do not all live in Dollar, they come from across Clackmannanshire and beyond. Our current membership is:

Jeremy Auld, Dundee
Sandra Ballantine, Alva
Andrew Bawn, Dollar
John Biggam, Tillicoultry
Alison Fair, Dollar
Sarah Giblin, Dollar
Catherine Gibson-Poole, Tillicoultry
Fiona Grounds, Dollar
John Humphrey, Dollar
Margaret Humphrey, Dollar
Sandra Jones, Dollar
Stephen Lambert, Dollar
Tammy MacMillan, Tillicoultry
Jane McGill, Alloa
Fran McNicoll, Rumbling Bridge
Matthew Pease, Rumbling Bridge
Linda Rice, Dollar
Stuart Salmon, Tillicoultry
Neil Schofield, Crook-of-Devon
Damian Sherwood-Johnson, Tillicoultry
Elaine Stark, Dundee

Not all members are actors, since there is a lot more to producing a play than acting. There are also various friends of the club who help with productions, and we had a guest director for our production in October 2016.