Club Members

The members of Dollar Drama Club do not all live in Dollar, they come from across Clackmannanshire and the neighbouring counties. Our current membership is:

David Anderson, Dollar
Sandra Ballantine, Alva
Andrew Bawn, Dollar
John Biggam, Tillicoultry
Susie Easto, Rumbling Bridge
Sarah Giblin, Dollar
Catherine Gibson-Poole, Tillicoultry
John Humphrey, Dollar
Margaret Humphrey, Dollar
Sandra Jones, Dollar
Stephen Lambert, Dollar
Jane McGill, Alloa
Matthew Pease, Rumbling Bridge
Linda Rice, Dollar
Stuart Salmon, Tillicoultry
Laura Schofield, Crook-of-Devon
Neil Schofield, Crook-of-Devon
Damian Sherwood-Johnson, Tillicoultry
Elaine Stark, Dollar

Not all members are actors, since there is a lot more to producing a play than acting. There are also various friends of the club who help with productions, and we had a guest director for our production in October 2016.