Love's Labours Found

For photographs of the dress rehearsal, click here.

Dollar Drama Club's production "Love's Labours Found" consisted of two one-act plays, a short sketch, a monologue, and several readings. The plays were "A Betrothal" by Lanford Wilson, "Secretarial Skills" by Peter Quilter, the sketch was "Love Is Blind" by Andrew Bawn, and the monologue was "The Waltz" by Dorothy Parker. These were performed in Dollar Academy Studio Theatre on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th February 2017.

A Betrothal by Lanford Wilson
The setting is a flower show. Two exhibitors are annoyed at the curt treatment that the judges have given their creations. They begin to admire each other's flowers and this sparks creative ideas.

Director - Jane McGill, assisted by Sandra Ballantine
Ms. J. Joslyn - Elaine Payne
Mr. C. Molesley - Andrew Bawn

Secretarial Skills by Peter Quilter
This is part of the "Duets" suite of plays, which is an award-winning romantic comedy for a cast of two actors that has been performed in 20 countries.

It's Barrie's birthday and his personal assistant Janet is helping him get ready for the party. As they discuss getting older, marriage and love (or Janet's lack of it), the conversation takes an interesting turn.

Director - Stephen Lambert, assisted by Linda Rice
Barrie - Jeremy Auld
Janet - Elaine Stark

Love Is Blind by Andrew Bawn
Gary and April meet for the first time over lunch, but are they right for each other?

Director - Andrew Bawn
Gary - Damian Sherwood-Johnson
April - Alison Fair
Waiter - John Biggam
Isabel - Catherine Gibson-Poole
Extras - Elaine Payne, Elaine Stark, Jeremy Auld, Andrew Bawn

The Waltz by Dorothy Parker
Performed by Jane McGill

Party Pieces (Readings)
Performed by Jane McGill, Damian Sherwood-Johnson, Catherine Gibson-Poole, Elaine Payne and Stephen Lambert

And supporting everything:
Stage Manager - Linda Rice
Sound and Lighting - Mick Rice
Music - Andrew Bawn
Stage Crew - Members of the cast
Front of house - Margaret Humphrey, John Humphrey, Alison Sangster, Ernest Sangster, Fiona Grounds