London Suite

For photographs of the dress rehearsal click here.

"London Suite" by Neil Simon was our first production of 2016. It is set in the 1990s in a hotel suite in London, and is divided into four acts. Different people come and go from the same hotel suite throughout the play in what is essentially four mini plays, unrelated to each other but set in the same location. The four acts have different flavours, ranging from the tragic to the hilarious.

Act 1: Settling Accounts
Brian is a successful novelist. Billy is his manager, whom Brian accuses of running off with all his money. Billy is caught in a chain of increasingly ridiculous lies.

Director: Linda Rice
Brian: Derek Bamber
Billy: Andrew Bawn

Act 2: Going Home
Sharon and Lauren Semple are a mother and daughter from America on a London shopping trip. Lauren convinces her mother to go on a date with an elderly man, even though Sharon is heavily against it.

Director: Stephen Lambert
Sharon: Elaine Payne
Lauren: Catherine Gibson-Poole

Act 3: Diana & Sydney
Diana and Sidney are a divorced couple. She is an actress, and he is living with his male lover. Now he claims he needs money from her to help pay the medical bills for his partner who is dying from lung cancer.

Director: Jane McGill
Diana: Linda Rice
Sydney: Derek Bamber
Grace: Sandra Bamber

Act 4: The Man On The Floor
Mark and Annie are an American couple who are in London for the Wimbledon tennis championships. Their plans are put on hold, however, when Annie loses the tickets, Mark's back gives out, and they are asked to move rooms because they have accidentally been given Kevin Costner's suite.

Director: Sandra Bamber
Mark: Byron Tilly
Annie: Sandra Ballantine
Mrs Sitgood: Jane McGill
Doctor McMerlin: Stephen Lambert
Bell Boy: Andrew Bawn

For all acts:
Lighting & Sound: Mick Rice
Music & Effects: Andrew Bawn
Rehearsal prompts: Andrew Bawn, Alison Sangster, Margaret Humphrey, Sandra McLoughlin
Stage crew: Members of the cast
Front of house: Members of the cast & friends